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A judge or magistrate may decide to sentence an offender to a Community Order or Suspended Sentence Order with a requirement to attend an Accredited Programme. These programmes aim to change an offender's thinking and behaviour.

The following Accredited Programmes are available in South Yorkshire CRC:

Build Better Relationships (BBR) - This is a nationally accredited group-work programme designed to reduce reoffending by adult male offenders convicted of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). The programme is delivered to High Risk of Harm offenders who are supervised by the National Probation Service.

As part of a Community Order or Suspended Sentence Order an offender may also be required to attend a Short Activity Programme as part of their order. The following programmes are currently delivered in South Yorkshire:

Respectful Relationships - 12 session Domestic Abuse Programme. The programme is suitable for Medium Risk Offenders who have either been convicted of or linked to domestic abuse and abusive behaviour (this may not be convicted behaviour but link to risk and risk management.) To download a leaflet explaining more about this programme please click here.

Re -Think - Eight session thinking and behaviour programme. This programme is available for all offenders who have an identified thinking and behaviour need. To download a leaflet explaining more about this programme please click here.

Anger Management - A 12 session programme focusing on issues and difficulties linked to emotional control or angry and aggressive behaviour which has or may lead to violence. To download a leaflet explaining more about this programme please click here.

Driving Matters - an eight session programme with four sessions on Drink Driving and four sessions on being a responsible road user. This programme can be tailored to a participants needs and participants can be referred for either or both of the group session modules. To download a leaflet explaining more about this programme please click here.


Through the Gate Support

From the 1st May 2015 Nacro will be providing Through the Gate services in the local Prisons within South Yorkshire. Over the summer SYCRC, Nacro and other providers will be looking at additional services to be available within the Community including Education, Training and Employment, Accommodation Services, Debt Advice and other services. The sessions that will be available are outlined below:


  • Support to access emergency accommodation
  • Support to apply for longer term accommodation
  • Support to maintain existing accommodation
  • Access to Nacro's How to be a good tenant course

Education, training and employment (ETE)

  • Support to understand and access ETE opportunities
  • Support to update or develop a CV
  • Support to understand offence disclosure
  • Access to Nacro's Getting into work course

Finance, benefit and debt (FBD)

  • Support to understand and access benefits
  • Support to manage debts and create budgeting plans
  • Access to Nacro's Managing money course
  • Support to gain ID, National Insurance details and bank accounts

REMEDI continue to deliver Victim Awareness both individual and group sessions, these can be accessed in local SYCRC offices.





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