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Community Payback

Nominate a project

Community Payback projects can be community based or for the good of a charity or charitable organisation.

Street clean ups, graffiti removal, and even the painting of derelict or run down buildings can benefit the community as a whole as well as specific regions or even individual buildings and residents.

As a member of your local community you can nominate a project that you believe would gain the greatest benefit and offer the most to you and your neighbours and other community members, from Community Payback work.

Anyone can nominate a project as long as it:

•    is challenging and demanding
•    benefits the local community
•    is worthwhile and constructive
•    doesn't take paid work away from others
•    doesn't make a profit for any individual or organisation
•    provides sufficient work to fully occupy a group of offenders
•    is within the capabilities of the Community Payback Unit to undertake
•    can satisfy Health and Safety requirements

You can telephone us with your suggestion to: 0345 6081275

Or write to us at:

South Yorkshire CRC
Unit 2, Hawke Street Business Park
S9 2SU

Or e-mail a suggestion to us at:

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